Elia Schito

start/stop Rails server with TextMate

In Mongrel, Rails, Rails Server, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Ruby snippets, TextMate, TextMate Bundle on June 18, 2007 at 11:51 am

Open your Bundle Editor and make two new commands with:

  • no input
  • tooltip output
  • scope selector: source.ruby.rails

Update! download the tmCommand:
TextMate “start/stop Rails server” command
(download and rename as “start/stop rails server.tmCommand”, this is due to the wordpress security policy)

Key Equivalent: alt+shift+S

Start command:


./script/server -d

Stop command:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

pid = File.open ENV['TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY']+'/tmp/pids/mongrel.pid' rescue puts("not started")

puts "stopped" if pid and `kill #{pid.read}`

then find a tab trigger or key combination that fits these commands.

  1. Hi, thanks for releasing this

    It’s unclear to me what to name the file as. Do we create two copies of the file, one called “Start Rails Server.tmCommand”, and another, “Stop Rails Server.tmCommand”?

  2. Thanks! You’re awesome!

  3. OK… I tried this and it was PRETTY cool… but I wasn’t able to use ruby-debug with this solution (due to the lack of a command window)

    I came up with this alternative:

    tell application “Terminal”
    do script “cd $TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY && script/server”
    end tell



  4. Are you supposed to set TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY somewhere?

  5. Thanks for this one, it starts nicely. But for some reason it doesn’t stop the server when calling it again.

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