Elia Schito

Recent Projects

  • MACOK.com website: HTML+CSS+JS
  • CSPC Filmar Lo Inefable (Centro Superior de producción cinematográfica): Design & Programming, cms & custom (mixed) internationalization (Ruy on Rails).
  • MyOldBicycle.com (Spernicelli Biciclette): Design & Programing: simple, clean, short-term (Ruby on Rails)
  • Compages: a small and lean content management system written in Ruby on Rails. Featuring Drag and Drop of contents in wysiwyg style and super easy adaptation of new templates, this is my thesis work (blog, demo-site, demo-admin)
  • MDM srl site redesign: CSS layout, Prototype+Script.aculo.us effects, graceful degradation to older browsers
  • Backshop: billing & projects management for a marketing-merchandisig-promotioning company (sorry, no links: this software is for MDM srl)

  • TimeTap: timetracking on the tip of your mouse, out of personal (temporary) necessity

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